How Does it work

You can use a ReMo Home as a primary or secondary home for yourself or as a rental property. You can also use a ReMo Home as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). An ADU is a city-permitted separate housing unit that can be located on a residential lot with an existing home.

ReMo Homes are modular (prefabricated) factory-built homes constructed with steel framing instead of wood. This results in a stronger and more durable structure than traditional homes built outdoors. Our homes are assembled from the ground up in a secure, weather-controlled manufacturing environment, ensuring quality and efficiency.

Our ReMo home models are currently being built at our Gardena, CA facility. Although closed to the public at this time, we plan to offer tours in the future at various locations nationwide.

Absolutely! We are presently taking meetings with accredited investors and institutions. If you’re not accredited, keep an eye out for equity crowdfunding opportunities coming soon.

Our first code-compliant ReMo homes are still in production. We encourage you to join the waitlist on our website to secure your spot.

No, ReMo Homes are constructed to surpass the standards of manufactured homes. Built to California’s stringent factory-built modular specifications, they offer greater strength and durability than traditional site-built homes.

Yes, your ReMo home comes pre-installed with HVAC, appliances, water, and electricity hookups, making it move-in ready. All you need to do is decorate, furnish to your taste, and enjoy your new home!

To maintain our efficient production timelines and reduce costs, we currently do not accommodate customization. Our streamlined process minimizes decision-making and customization delays typically associated with traditional construction. However, if your desired customization does not require a permit, exceptions may be considered for large orders from developers.

Our standard model consists of two modules, which are quickly assembled during on-site installation, showcasing our commitment to keeping labor and holding costs down.

The process begins by joining the waitlist and paying a deposit. The higher the deposit, the higher you’ll be on the waitlist. As we get closer to the delivery date (within 30-60 days), we’ll contact you for full payment and arrange delivery.

When you reserve, you’re securing your place in line. Those with a higher down payment will be given delivery preference.

We currently have a 12-month waiting list. We plan to reduce this number to one month as we ramp up production.

ReMo Homes will be shipping to sites within the contiguous 48 United States and Canada.

Minimum size requirements will come down to local zoning ordinance: some places will allow an ADU or second dwelling unit on the property, and some do not.

A ReMo Home can be built on any piece of land, anywhere. A local contractor can provide further guidance based on geotechnical analysis (soil), topography, and local requirements.

You should consider shipping, utility hookup, and land prep/landscaping.

ReMo plans to build several factories around the U.S. in the future. Your distance from your closest factory will determine your shipping cost.

At this point, we’re not shipping internationally. However, we’re actively looking for international partners to license and franchise our business. Check back later for updates! Please contact us if you’re interested in franchising and licensing opportunities.

Your ReMo home is completely set up in the factory before delivery. All you have to do is furnish/decorate to your liking, and move in!

Different areas have different zoning rules. You can read your local ordinance on your local government’s website.

ReMo currently offers one model. By skipping over the design step (a process that usually takes 4-6+ months), we can expedite the process and get you living in your new home that much faster.

A ReMo Home has two bedrooms and two restrooms. In addition, there is a separate laundry room containing a washer and dryer.

Your ReMo home is built to IBC 2021 codes and Title 24 code of CA, which aims to reduce wasteful and unnecessary energy consumption in newly constructed buildings. This is a higher standard than the HUD standard for manufactured housing. Any standard sewer or septic system should be compatible with our models. We are making progress daily to ensure our modules are code-compliant with every state in the continental U.S.

We’re working daily to install more smart features and monitor what is included while remaining as cost-efficient as possible. We’re currently including a digital thermostat/temperature control, door lock, keyless entry, and air quality monitors.

Yes, the ReMo Home comes with equipment designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The model has a highly insulated and air-tight structural system, which is very energy efficient.

Your ReMo home has a refrigerator, electric stovetop with oven and hood, dishwasher, washer/dryer, and a toilet in each bathroom.

No — one of the perks of owning a ReMo home is avoiding the lengthy customization and decision-making process that makes designing and constructing a home complicated and time-consuming. We make the tough choices for you, leaving you with an attractive, cost-effective home with less work.

The price shown includes only the delivery cost. It doesn’t include transportation, site prep, foundation work, etc. The model is currently priced at $299,000 for delivery in Fall 2023.

Absolutely. ReMo homes, like traditional homes, qualify for public and private funding. While some homeowners choose to fund their ReMo home out of pocket, traditional mortgage products can be applied for. While low and moderate-income homeowners can qualify for traditional mortgage products, there is often a gap between ADU construction costs and borrowing capacity. A ReMo home is considered a modular factory-built home, not a mobile or manufactured home. Many lenders will provide a mortgage on this kind of home, whether you are buying it as a primary residence or as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Contact us for more information.

ReMo homes are made with the finest quality materials. Our model is made of pharmaceutical-grade elements with a 30-year warranty. These are building materials that don’t degrade and will last a lifetime.

Yes. All bathrooms, doors, and hallways are built according to ADA requirements. However, the height of the kitchen counters will need to be lowered by 2 inches to be ADA compliant. Externally, however, we do not provide a ramp at the home’s entry points. You’ll have to speak with a contractor to add a ramp to your model.

Yes, they are wind resistant, not windproof. We’re building to the highest standards required by Florida code.

Yes, they are flood resistant, not floodproof. We’re building to the highest standards required by Florida code. ReMo doesn’t use common lumber or sheetrock. As a result, the building materials are less likely to be damaged by water and less likely to grow mold.

Yes, they are fire resistant, not fireproof. We’re building to the highest standards required by California code. The interior and exterior of the structure are clad with non-combustible materials.

The roof of your ReMo home is weatherproofed and properly equipped with drainage, which will handle snow with ease.

The walls inside your ReMo home are filled with strong insulation foam that is fire resistant.

Yes. The flat roof allows you extra functional square footage that you wouldn’t typically get in a conventional home. The walk-up staircase ensures this space is easily accessible and transforms a traditionally unusable space into a functional living area.

Very. The model has a highly insulated and air-tight structural system, including insulated steel panels and windows, which lends itself to being very energy efficient.


No. The model is solar compatible, but the solar panels are not included. Contact us for more information.

Yes. We’re utility neutral. Depending on your individual needs, you can hook up to local utilities or go off-grid if you purchase solar panels, water/sanitization tanks, etc.

ReMo has engineered a first-of-its-kind utility wall that contains all of the wires and piping for your entire home. This allows for easy maintenance, plug-and-play electrical components, and effortless utility connections. Plumbing, electricity, and HVAC all come pre-installed in your ReMo Home from the factory. Utilities simply plug in on-site.

Your ReMo home comes with a 30-year structural warranty.