Discover Your Dream Home with ReMo

Introducing the innovative ReMo Home, a haven designed for modern living. Experience designer finishes, high ceilings, and luxurious amenities like stainless steel appliances and premium flooring. Bask in natural light from the skylight and floor-to-ceiling windows while enjoying the easily accessible rooftop for social gatherings or quiet mornings. Our highly insulated, air-tight structural system and central air conditioning ensure year-round comfort and energy savings.



Sustainable, Affordable, and Stunning Homes

ReMo Homes provide an eye-catching and eco-friendly solution to America’s housing crisis.


Why Choose ReMo Homes


Our Inspiration

Inspired by the aerospace and semiconductor industries, we took a unique approach to tackle the pressing issues of climate change and housing affordability.


Setting Ourselves Apart

Unlike competitors in traditional modular or panelized solutions, 95% of our work is done efficiently in a factory, significantly reducing construction time and cost.


Focus on You

Our homes are built to last 50 years (structure), require minimal maintenance, and are focused on wellness – eliminate VOC finishes, circadian lighting, and high indoor air quality.

ReBuild 2022

ReBuild 2022 was an invite-only leadership conclave focused on housing affordability, sustainability, and human-centered construction and design. We brought together policymakers, nonprofits, developers, technologists, and others that share our desire to make affordable, sustainable housing available to the masses. With opening remarks from LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and attendees from the Milken Institute, the CA Growth Council, and the California Secretary of Housing office, ReBuild gathered world-class thought leaders in a way that’s never been done before in the industry.


We thank you for joining us at the most anticipated PropTech & ConTech event of the year!