Our Story

ReMo is a minority- and disabled veteran-owned design and manufacturing company, led by accomplished and talented executives from the aerospace, semiconductor, and traditional construction industries. We have been continually astonished by the industry’s resistance to change, which has only worsened since the COVID-19 pandemic due to construction worker shortages and supply chain disruptions. We are single-mindedly driven to bring about structural changes in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide net-zero carbon, cost-effective modular and manufactured homes in under-resourced and historically underrepresented communities, using advanced manufacturing technologies inspired by the aerospace and semiconductor industries.

Our Team

Co-Founder and CEO

Vamsi Kumar Kotla, MBA

A systems thinker and serial entrepreneur with two decades of experience in the construction and IT industries, Vamsi is dedicated to crafting human-centered business ideas and solutions. He is actively involved in local nonprofits and government initiatives to address housing affordability and climate change issues.

Co-Founder and Head of Manufacturing

Ryan Blowers

A US Navy veteran and former SpaceX project leader, Ryan brings 23 years of experience in aviation repair, design, pattern & tool making, overhaul, and prototyping. He specializes in creating virtual and physical prototypes and coordinating digital manufacturing from BIM to robot-assisted production.

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

Dr. Partha S Dutta

A serial entrepreneur, acclaimed academic, and expert in advanced manufacturing and smart lighting, Dr. Dutta leads microgravity manufacturing at the International Space Station (ISS) and has successfully filed 50+ US patents.

3D Architectural Modeler

Ben Salley

Ben has a decade of experience in construction management and 15 years in 3D visualization for architectural and product design firms. He has also worked as a 3D Animator/Renderer for various film production companies.

Chief of Staff

Alexandra Ferrarese

With a passion for content creation, interpersonal communication, and sustainability, Alexandra is an experienced team leader skilled in culture building, business operations, relationship management, and hands-on growth initiatives.

Sustainability and Lighting Advisor

Varma Namburi, Assoc. AIA

As a licensed architect and expert in lighting, sustainability, and circular economy, Varma brings two decades of experience in electrical, lighting, and lighting systems.

Director of Business Development and Government Contracting

Dan Casale

Dan navigates various aspects of business development, including go-to-market strategy and federal/local contracting opportunities.

IT and Sales

Dave Bud

A seasoned sales veteran and recent MBA graduate, Dave brings empathy and persistence to ReMo's sales organization. He has experience managing marquee accounts and deploying AI and Big Data solutions to uncover insights from real-world data.

Building Relationships in the Industry