Our Solution

  • 55% faster build time
  • Net-zero carbon
  • Non-combustible materials
  • Designed for Circular Economy
  • 41% lower hard costs
  • 72% lower soft costs

Our Cost Structure is Better

With offsite construction using prefab components, one can train unskilled workers in the manufacturing trade, which leads to less dependence on hard-to-find construction workers. One can save on soft costs with standard designs and pre-approved plans. Since we plan to have the product speak for itself, we hope to minimize the marketing and overhead costs too.


Our Lead Times are Quicker

With modular construction, both onsite and offsite work happen parallelly. We target to produce thousands of homes per year, and the onsite substructure work (site prep, foundation, utilities) is the predominant limiting factor. We expect to finish the home post-delivery of modules in weeks instead of months.


Our Quality is Superior

■ The materials used in traditional construction are vulnerable to damage as they’re stored on the construction site, exposing them to the elements


■ Typical inspections in the construction industry are to enforce building codes and not to ensure the quality of materials


■ Modular construction allows materials to be kept dry and stored safely before use. This saves money and ensures the longevity of the final product


■ In modular construction, pre-cut materials and prefab materials are delivered at tight tolerances ensuring superior fit and finish