Why ReMo?

Our Advantage

Inspired by the aerospace and semiconductor industries, we are committed to addressing the world’s most pressing issues: climate change and housing affordability. Our holistic approach includes:

  • Selecting materials and designs compliant with building codes nationwide
  • Building a diversified supply chain using only commodity materials
  • Sourcing materials with tight tolerances for robotic automation
  • Employing a DfMA approach across design, manufacturing, supply chain, and assembly teams, focusing on scalable and cost-effective production

Our Innovations

  • We go beyond conventional construction methods by:

    • Developing NeoWall™, our patent-pending non-toxic high-performance wall and ceiling panels
    • Utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques for liquid- and adhesive-free fabrication, enabling 50x faster installation than traditional walls
    • Creating MOWK™, our proprietary methodology for simplifying and minimizing the on-site installation of modular homes from months to hours

How We're Different From Competitors

Our modular construction peers currently serve less than 1% of the market. Our main competitor is the traditional builder, who constructs fewer than ten homes annually. This approach results in:

  • Significant material wastage
  • Inefficient labor moving between job sites and vendor warehouses
  • Overwhelmed local building officials manually reviewing each house plan
  • Local inspectors required to inspect every trade’s work
  • Unpreparedness for fast-emerging energy efficiency and smart home requirements

Our vision is to productize a quality standard home and build an integrated value chain around it, similar to what Apple achieved with the iPhone. By embracing decarbonization and the industrialization of construction, ReMo aims to revolutionize the industry, delivering cost-effective, sustainable, and high-quality housing solutions.