Why ReMo?

Our Advantage

Our design and manufacturing company is minority- and disabled veteran-owned with accomblished and talented executives from the aerospace, semiconductor, and traditional construction industries.


Our mission is to provide zero-carbon, cost-effective modular and manufactured homes in under-resourced
and historically underrepresented communities using advanced manufacturing technologies.


We are not just building homes but instead taking a holistic approach required to solve the biggest problems in the world: climate change & housing affordability. 


With that in mind, we are putting business constraints early on to give our technology and innovation a chance to commercialize:

Selection of materials and designs that are code compliant throughout the entire country 

Build a diversified supply chain that only uses commodity materials


Selection of materials that can be sourced with tight tolerances required for robotic automation


DfMA approach spans design, manufacturing, supply chain, and assembly teams, so we are only designing what we can produce at scale and at a cost below our competition.


Going beyond robotics: exploring the use of thousand-ton die-cut mold machines to stamp the entire wall panels, including conduits for MEP systems, which has the potential to bring down labor costs and lead times by an order of 10

How We’re Different From Competitors

  • NeoWall – Patent-pending non-toxic high-performance wall panels and ceiling panels
  • Advanced Manufacturing – Liquid- and adhesive-free manufacturing technology to install and fabricate 50x
    than traditional walls
  • MOWK – Proprietary methodology for simplifying and minimizing on-site installation of modular homes from months to hours

Our Comparative Market Analysis

Right now, our modular construction peers are collectively serving less than 1% of the market. 


Our main competitor is Bob the Builder, who builds less than ten homes annually

-A lot of material wastage 

-Has extremely inefficient labor that hops between job sites and vendor warehouses

-Deals with local building officials who are overwhelmed and manually have to review and design every plan of the house

-Deals with local inspectors who have to inspect every single trade’s work

Further, he is unprepared for the energy efficiency and smart home requirements that are becoming the norm.

We want to productize a quality standard home and build an integrated value chain around it, similar to what Apple did with the iPhone.